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This private community boasts of a state of the art surveillance system, a high fence that is drawn along the entire perimeter of the property, and in and out going foot and vehicle traffic is monitored at the 24hr guarded main gate, as well as the guarded lobbies.

Bespict with trees and a gorgeous linear park, that likens Serendra BGC, this green pearl was designed with a Zen al fresco ambiance. Starting at the very entrance, progressing its way towards every condominium cluster, where verdurous atriums are beckoning, for the residents to enjoy the sky and the cooling breeze, while safely sitting in the shade away from the harmful rays of the sun. The breezy climate allows for clever natural ventilation, between units and hallways, thus allowing the potential for lower air conditioning costs.

Each tower has its own 24hr elevators, water supply, and backup generators, which will spring into action as soon as any electrical fluctuation should occur, to ensure your and your families safety and comfort.

Extra security is provided through professional and friendly lobby guards, who are stationed at a shifting schedule for your safety needs, to secure the premise of each tower, and to oversee visitors, delivery guys and mailboxes.

In case of late night cravings, cell phone loading needs, etc. a retail store is conveniently located on the property.

Recreational areas are of course a very important part of this community, where quality time and play time wasn’t created just for the small residents, but for the adulting ones alike. So whether you fancy a refreshing dip in the pool, a bonding session with your loved ones on the children's playground, refining your athletic prowess on the basketball court, or reading a book under one of the manicured trees in the landscaped garden this development has you covered.

Not the recreational type, and rather work in the clubhouse or host events for your business? No problem, Amaia Steps has it all.

  • Main Gate and Perimeter Fence
  • Buildings arranged in clusters for greater privacy and security
  • Mailbox per unit located at the lobby
  • Each building with naturally-ventilated hallways and an atrium for a brighter and breezier environment;
  • An elevator for easier and convenient access to floors
  • Units ready-for-move-in condition, with provision for Washing/Drying in-unit
  • With functional amenities such as Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Clubhouse/Function Rooms, Playground, Landscaped Gardens and Convenience Retail.
  • Compliant provisions for Water Supply, Drainage, and Electrical Power Supply
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